A Fist full of Dinos
maybe we’re just getting spoiled and been watching too many shows in their original language… Because I’m pretty damn sure that I didn’t have any problems with the swedish dub when I was younger xD …or they just got horribly bad at it

No, when we were younger, we had more people doing the voices. Now it’s like 3 people over and over again.
I’ve recently watched the old Swedish Shows and there were like only one that were recurring. So, no… I wouldn’t say that we’re spoiled but since when has cartoons ever been important in Sweden?
Or at least, that’s how I feel about it though xD

I do remember one time on Cartoon Network, the show about pirates and a black water or something always, ALWAYS had the same actors over and over again, to every show there were xD
I’ve always been picky when it comes to dubs (except for Disney 8D) so I remember that I was really mad and angry and frustrated with this show I think the name were the Pirates and the dark Abyss or something but yeah xD

  1. naimane said: Yeah, I recognize like all the voices too xD But I mean… even disney movies. The old ones have pretty damn great dubs, the new ones tho.. the full length animated movies in general… ew. I can’t even listen to the trailers without cringing.
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