A Fist full of Dinos

I’m sorry that I nag and talk so much about Journey, but…
I’m one of those who RARELY play videogames and such, I find no interest in it what so ever, but…
Omg, it’s just so beautiful. And everytime I re-play it (Fourth time now) I find new stuff to discover.
I love how it really IS a Journey and nothing else and while it pretty much has a calm paste, it does have their intense moments.

Love it.

The first time we played it, both me and Val kind of shouted when the first intense mode came along, neither of us where prepared for it.

If you’re not much into videogames or so, I’d recommend playing it. It takes the longes 3 hours, and the shortest 1 hour.
Perfect when you don’t have enough patience and just want to get rid of the game quickly.
The scenes are amazing and beautifully animated, I love the scene where the camera just turns to a certain view and sticks there for 2-3 minutes.
It’s… Like climbing into a whole new and a different world.
There’s no dialogue or anything in it, everything is told to the viewer by images of the past.
And somewhat the present too.

It’s well worth the money and it JUST DOESN’T LEAVE YOUR MIND.

I believe that there’s still much to discover and if you’ve just have the patience to do so, it’s going to be great.

I kind of hope that this kind of games will be out for 3DS as well one day in the future

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